Ep. 18 – Spring 3 and Roo

Craig Walls, author of Spring in Action, joins Allen and Mike once again, this time to discuss the recently released Spring 3.0 and the brand new Roo 1.0. Topics include:

Spring 3:

  • REST support
  • Spring Expression Language
  • New annotations for wiring, validation, asynchronous methods, and scheduling


  • Optional Rails/Grails-style scaffolding
  • Extensive use of AspectJ Intertype Declaration
  • Encapsulation of best practices from the Spring team
  • Extensive hint system
  • Much more…

OSGi Updates Since Ep 6:

  • Blueprint Services released
  • SpringDM used in Eclipse Dynamic Enterprise Application Platform (Virgo)
  • Comments on JSR-294 and Jigsaw


As always, feedback is welcome at ‘feedback at improvingpodcasts.com’. Thanks for listening.

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