Ep. 13 – Agile Games

It’s time to have a little educational fun in Episode 13. Allen and Mike are joined by Ed and TastyCupcakes.com founders Michael McCullough and Don McGreal for a discussion of games that can be used to learn Agile and Lean principles and techniques. We explore the mysterious origins of the term “tasty cupcakes”, review a number of specific games, and learn a bit about the authors of one of the most recent articles in the Agile Journal.


– Agile Journal’s “Fun-Driven Development”: http://bit.ly/4roCgt
– TastyCupcakes (@tastycupcakes): http://blog.tastycupcakes.com
– Stuart Brown’s TED talk “Play is More Than Fun”: http://bit.ly/6uFeV5
– Microsoft PDC videos: http://microsoftpdc.com/
– Don on twitter: @donmcgreal
– Michael on twitter: @mccm68

FYI: It appears the Todd Girvin and Chris Tullier’s session at PDC was not recorded, but here is an interview with Chris about the session: http://bit.ly/4xgcbB

Also, apologies for the recurring buzz. My (Mike A’s) microphone was acting up. We tried to reduce it as much as possible.

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