Ep. 11 – Naked Planning

In episode 11, a fully clothed Mike and Allen talk Naked Planning with fellow Improver Ben Rady.

Topics covered:
– The value of value-based planning
– The what’s and why’s of Naked Planning
   – Requirements waste
   – Queues and flow
   – Minimum marketable features
   – The ultimate definition of done
– We don’t need no stinking iterations
– How to handle releases
– Naked Planning vs. kanban
– Naked Planning and estimation
– MMFs that require architectural change
– Handling emergencies
– Continuous flow, Software Craftsmanship and the evolution of agile

– Arlo Belshee on the Agile Toolkit Podcast: http://bit.ly/jz0V9
– Tom DeMarco – Controlling Software Projects – http://bit.ly/1Q4gTC
– Steve McConnell – Software Estimation – http://bit.ly/gZjYX
– Software Craftsmanship Manifesto http://manifesto.softwarecraftsmanship.org
– Ben Rady’s Blog – feedbackjunkies.com

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