Ep. 5 – Improving Presentations

In Episode 5, we’ve gathered some of Improving‘s most seasoned presenters to share their experiences and advice on technical presentations. Mike and Allen are joined by three of Improving’s Microsoft MVPs: Improving co-founder Jef Newsom, Presenter Mentor founder David O’Hara, and INETA speaker Caleb Jenkins.


– How to fail successfully
– Getting people involved and keeping their attention
– How to prepare, and how much
– From concept to presentation
– Making a big impact
– “Slides don’t kill presentations, people kill presentations”

Presentation Resource Picks:

– David – istockphoto.com, images.google.com
– Caleb – flickr.com/search/advanced, slideshare.net
– Mike – everystockphoto.com, dafont.com
– Jef – sxc.hu, beyondbulletpoints.com
– Allen – presentationzen.com


– David O’Hara (@davidmohara) blog.davidohara.net
– Caleb Jenkins (@calebjenkins) developingux.com
– Jef Newsom (@jef) blog.perfecting.me
– Mike Abney (@mikeabney) practicallyagile.com
– Allen Hurst (@allenhurst) ahurst.com

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 5 – Improving Presentations

  1. Thanks for the podcast, I really enjoyed it. My brain is brimming with ideas on how to improve my presentations now. I’ll definitely make a note to subscribe through Zune Marketplace.

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