Ep. 2 – Infinitest with Ben Rady

In Episode 2, Allen Hurst and Mike Abney discuss continuous testing in general and Infinitest in particular with Ben Rady. Ben is the original author of Infinitest. Topics:

  • What is continuous testing (CT)? What are the benefits?
  • Can’t you just run the tests manually? Do you still have to run tests manually?
  • The history and future of Infinitest.
  • The pitfalls of CT.
  • The future of CT and how it’s changing testing.
  • Test selection and prioritization in Infinitest.
  • Using Infinitest with non-optimal unit tests.
  • The adoption curve for Infinitest.


One thought on “Ep. 2 – Infinitest with Ben Rady

  1. Thanks again for the great podcast! I have listened to all 3 and the conversation on this one move along a little more smoothly than the others. My only request is to have each person state “This is ___________” when they start speaking.

    As a Tester for more years than I care to admit to, I applaud the concern by Developers with testing their code. On many of my previous projects testing was strictly the Tester’s responsibility.

    I agree that as valuable as Unit tests are, they have a limited scope and that the regression test suite (which I define as being run with each build) should be composed of tests at the capability, behavior or functional level.

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