Ep. 1 – AQuA – Part 1

In this episode, Gary McCants moderates an AQuA (Agile Questions, our Answers) session. The AQuA series is a panel-style discussion of frequently asked questions about Agile. The panel for this session includes Gary, Allen Hurst, Ed Grannan, Melissa Meeker, Mike Abney, Rod Coffin, and Steve Pfiffner. Questions discussed:

  • How can we avoid missing requirements when writing User Stories (compared to Use Cases with alternate scenarios)?
  • Isn’t Agile just the flavor of the month?
  • We can’t dedicate people 100%, so how do we do Agile?

One thought on “Ep. 1 – AQuA – Part 1

  1. Great podcast! It fits right in with the DFW Scrum User’s group meeting last night. During the meeting we had a lengthy discussion on why Agile programs are perceived as failures. I thought 2 interesting points were brought out as Agile advantages:
    1) That Agile delivers the most important features (as defined by the customer) first.
    2) That the customer has the power to shutdown the project at any time. This could be any reason positive or negative, including that the project has reached the point of diminishing returns as far as feature deliveries.

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